Gus Wüstemann’s glacier inspired loft in Lucerne


Zurich-based architect created this stunning loft in the attic of a historic building in Lucerne, Switzerland. Described in his own words as a “glacier”, apartment overlooks the old town.

“All things that look like architectural details I want to get rid of” – Wüstemann says, “when I look at it I don’t see kitchen or bedroom, I see a landscape.”
Wüstemann got inspiration from the landscape around Lucerne, which is made up of glacial mountains and valleys. “We imagined the terrace as the summit,” he says, “the place where the sun is shining, and the flat as the sheltered valley.”
“The opening and closing of the bathroom and bedroom changes the intimacy of the whole thing,” explains Wüstemann. “I always try to free the elements of programmatic occupation. The notation disappears – I want them to be very free in my mind. I want to be able to play football in there; or have an art exhibition.”

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