“Modern outdoor furniture collection” contest for Target

Projects submissions for “MODERN OUTDOOR FURNITURE COLLECTION” contest launched by Target on redclaydesign.com in August 2014.

The pitch was: “Utilize current industry and lifestyle trends with modern yet cost effective materials to develop an iconic outdoor furniture collection.”

“Wicker game” concept won the contest.



1/ Submission “Wicker game” – Winning concept
concept_1_3-01 concept_1_3-02 concept_1_3-03 concept_1_scheme concept_1_wicker_game_render wicker_game_3 wicker_game_4 wicker_game_assembly


Research on different color solutions and wicker patterns.wicker_game_pattern_1 wicker_game_pattern_2 wicker_game_pattern_3 wicker_game_pattern_4


2/ Submission “Chester cloud”



3/ Submission “Tree set”concept_3_tree_scheme