Ghost Chair collection by Design Drift


Ghost Chair shows the future feeling of a chair that does not really excists yet. Nobody is just normal and straight however it sometimes looks like it, even a chair has its extraordinary sides. Straight from the outside, but curved and wrinkled and impossible to excist from the inside. The Ghost Chair is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality.

It gives you a dramatic feeling: unbelievable, high-tech, but beautiful! DRIFT sketches an image of a chair that cannot exist yet… But with today’s techniques it becomes real. By doing this they deliberate their design from the trend of stereotypical forms. Nowadays anything is possible with 3D – computer programs -you can even draw the impossible – so why fall back on the awkward design language of your grandma’s furniture? With the GHOST Collection, Nauta and Gordijn want to make clear that it is time to start designing our own future!

The inner Ghost is made up out of millions of little air bubbles, you see the image of the ghost when light reflects on them. The chairs are handmade with the best materials and specialists from Europe. Two different techniques were combined in a new way to create the GHOST chair. The inner ghost looks random, but in fact every line has been designed. We tried to generate the most 3-Dimensional shapes possible, that doesn’t refer to any other shapes at all. We wanted them to look new and never seen before but also natural at the same time. The possibilities of creating a ghost shape is unlimited within the boundaries of the material. The Ghost Chair is an experiment in: shape, high tech production methods and crafts.

The collection exists of 8 table chairs, two different arm chairs: the Queen chair, the King chair, and a stool. The initial concept behind these particular pieces comes from the old times when Kings reigned their kingdoms. The first chair was actually a throne for the King. Only the King was allowed to sit down. The other guests had to remain standing as a sign of decency. Only during fancy dinners people were allowed to sit. All the chairs in the dining room were part of one collection, but from the shape you could see the social position. Of course the King’s chair was the biggest and together with the Queens chair, the only chairs with armrests. The guests at the table could sit on simple chairs with only a backrest. The waiters sat on stools against the wall, ready to jump up to server the King.

The GHOST collection consists of 11 items and will be produced in a limited edition of 8 and 2 RP.


Design by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn for DRIFT, 2007/2008
Material: plexiglas (PMMA) of 50 mm thickness.
Size: 36 x 48 x 84 cm
Weight: 25 kg

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